without the stories

Sometimes a wordless knowing arises- a vibrant silence. For instance, when we explore the truth of our core limiting beliefs, we often come in touch with a wordless knowing of their irrelevance. If we inquire into who we really are, we will quickly come to a “don’t know.” This is not a mistake. It signals that we have gone as far as the ordinary mind can go. We have made a critically important discovery- the limit of the mind’s ability to know that which is not an object. The mind is designed to grasp ideas just as our hands are designed to grasp objects, but the mind is incapable of grasping the infinite. This realization brings a letting go and a new kind of openness- an openness to being open.

~John Prendergast

how will you know where you must be?

inquiry for today~ understanding our place may be the most elusive thing..


Suffering is about perception and interpretation. It is our mental emotional relationship to what is first perceived as an unpleasant or undesirable experience. Our stories and beliefs about what is happening or did happen shape our interpretations of it. When thins don’t go according to plan, some people believe that they are helpless victims or that they “got what they deserved.” This leads to resignation and apathy. When we get caught in anxiety and worry about what might happen in the future, it can quickly proliferate into a web of fear that is not easily corralled.

Opening to pain in the present moment, we may be able to do something to improve the situation, maybe not, but we can certainly notice how our attitudes toward the experience are impacting what is happening. My re reaction to pain, even to the thought of pain, changes everything.

~Frank Ostaseski

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