what is normal?

In the rush to return to normal,

use this time to to consider

which parts of normal are

worth rushing back to.

~Dave Hollis

this is the emotion captured in a still life…..

inquiry for today~ moving through in slow motion

how you know it’s time

We are open to epochs, points in time, downtime,

first and last times, space time, kingdom come time.

Put this image in your mind (the bottle filled with time reaching us)and imagine it frequently(this is called prayer). When it comes we will open the bottle and transform whatever time you sent into a new creation, a poem, perhaps or a song, a sonata, a photograph, a memoir if you send enough time. Then we will send it back and you will find new joy, new comfort.
You will remember important things again. This is the circle we are. Unbroken. Unbridled. Undaunted. Unlimited.

~Jan Phillips

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