to give possibility

To learn that the most practical gift

is to be idealistic

is an enormous gift.

~Godfrey Reggio

when your offering becomes a meditation…..

inquiry for today~ where do your heart offerings land?

the equanimous heart

Progress toward peace between people can be made in small person-to-person ways. Cue Sushil Koirala describes himself as one of the world’s biggest dreamers driven by daring ambitions and a deep passion to create a more just and peaceful society, not only for his country but also for people across the world. Instead of fighting for peace with guns or warfare, in Koirala’s vision, people exchange roses, person to person, spreading warmth and hope. Koirala says, “The rose is a universal symbol, liked by everyone,” adding: “It appeals equally to everyone’s heart. The exchange of roses, the shaking of hands and extending goodwill between people of different races, religions or parties in conflict, helps to create a more conducive and positive atmosphere for talks.”

~Shari Swanson

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