how to become

To be empty, to feel empty, is to live in the wasteland near the gates of death. This is intolerable to the soul. WE were not meant to live such shallow lives. Our heritage and our psychic makeup are designed fo ran elaborate richness of imagination and creativity that allows us to feel intimately connected to the ongoing creation.

We were meant to drop below the surface of things and to experience the depths of life in the same ways that our deep-time ancestors did. Their lives were filled with story, ritual, and circles of sharing. Their lives were not shamefully hidden away but known- losses, defeats, grief, pains, joys, births, deaths, dreams, sorrows; the communal draw of life was open and acknowledged. This is what the soul expected, what it is we need today.

~Francis Weller

how I flow and how I resist…

inquiry for today~ how will you flow or not today?

listen here

You, darkness, that I come from,

I love you more than all the fires

that fence in the world,

for the fire makes

a circle of light for everyone,

and then no one outside learns of you.

But the darkness pulls in everything:

shapes and fires, animals and myself,

how easily it gathers them!

powers and people

and it is possible a great energy

is moving near me.

I have faith in nights.


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