how to measure where we are

Can we human critters ally ourselves with that wilder, older, and evolving intelligence now? Can we cultivate enhanced receptivity to what Thomas Berry called the “dream of the Earth”?
Great visions do not come forth from everyday psychic habits, but rather when the fortress of customary thinking is breached. Only then can Earth’s dream for itself find us — in waking visions, night dreams, unexpected images, poetic whispers, sudden wild impressions erupting from the fecund depths like the fruiting bodies of mycelium.
In the time of coronavirus, everyday consciousness for individuals and for the larger organism of humanity has been suspended, or at least deeply scrambled.  Tuning our receptors now to the invisible networks of intelligence that connect us to the body-psyche of Earth and to all of the Others, let us sit with the Tree of Souls as if what we reach for is simultaneously reaching for us. When we encounter that reciprocal curiosity, we invigorate an evolving human/Earth relationship — and an emerging mode of human consciousness that could be called homo imaginans.

~Geneen Haugen

this in-between, spacious, and deep dive into generosity….

inquiry for today~ how will you measure your beingness today?

care for you. care for me.

Meanwhile, someplace in the world, somebody is making love and another a poem. Elsewhere in the universe, a star manyfold the mass of our third-rate sun is living out its final moments in a wild spin before collapsing into a black hole, its exhale bending spacetime itself into a well of nothingness that can swallow every atom that ever touched us and every datum we ever produced, every poem and statue and symphony we’ve ever known — an entropic spectacle insentient to questions of blame and mercy, devoid of why.

~Maria Popova

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