wide open

One of the simplest ways to access natural awareness is through memory. Let yourself remember a time when you felt awake, connected, peaceful, and expansive- n a state of “beingness.” Don’t try too hard. Let it come to you in a simple way.

Now remember how you felt at the time. What did your body feel like? How about your heart? See if you can invite in a full-bodied experience of the memory. Recall details: sight, scents, sounds, and any other sensory experience.

Now notice what is happening in the present moment, See if a sense of beingness is present for you, just by your imagining a past experience. What does that beingness feel like? Connectedness, ease, presence, relaxation? Let yourself rest here.

Imagine your mind is like an ocean. On the surface are choppy waves and turbulence. These are the dramas you get caught in: thoughts, fears, emotions, and stories. Imagine sinking below the surface into the infinite depth. Deep in the ocean is a boundless stillness that is completely undisturbed by the turbulence above. Can you connect with this deep tranquility? Once you can sense it, see if you can rest there for a while.

~Diana Winston

how to sit in the space of quiet when your being feels very loud…

inquiry for today~ reflect on the best way to be here today…..

alienation here

A big shaggy dog

sits by a pond

and gazes at the moon.

He wants to understand the moon-

his heart is longing,


A breeze ruffles the water,

slices the moon into lines of light.

The dog shivers-

what is the moon saying?

Light rises from the water

and coils into the dog’s heart.

He lifts his head;

light flows out of his mouth,

as he and the moon converse.

Then people say:

“That dog is barking at the moon,”

and shut their doors against the light.

But the dog,

the dog has become light,

and shines with the moon

in infinite sky.

~Eve Powers

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