what if you don’t always feel?

Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularity
we once were?

so compact nobody
needed a bed, or food or money — 

nobody hiding in the school bathroom
or home alone

pulling open the drawer
where the pills are kept.

For every atom belonging to me as good
Belongs to you.

There was no   Nature.    No
 them.   No tests

to determine if the elephant
grieves her calf    or if 

the coral reef feels pain.    Trashed
oceans don’t speak English or Farsi or French;

would that we could wake up   to what we were
— when we were ocean    and before that 

to when sky was earth, and animal was energy, and rock was
liquid and stars were space and space was not

at all — nothing

before we came to believe humans were so important
before this awful loneliness.

Can molecules recall it?
what once was?    before anything happened?

No I, no We, no one. No was
No verb      no noun
only a tiny tiny dot brimming with 

is is is is is

All   everything   home

~Marie Howe

how do I know if courage is here?

inquiry for today~ actually listening is about noticing grief….

showing up to what is wanted

From the first sight of the tiny hatchling to now, our local eaglet looks bigger than the parents due to longer flight feathers that will help it as it learns to fly.
After it’s first molt, it’s wing feathers will be same size as the adults.
(For those of a certain age, I think this is where the Mutual of Omaha commercial comes in.) 

Speaking of molting and things falling away in their own mysterious way, I hope you are adjusting with as much grace to all the transitions in your life.

Darwin said it’s not the smartest or the strongest that survive.It’s the ones quickest to adapt to change.

May you have access to your inner wisdom and be guided by your wise heart.

~Jonathan Foust

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