pick one at a time

Like roses the bright dream did pass,  
    On swift, noiseless footsteps away;  
Like glistening dew on the grass,  
    Dissolving beneath the sun’s ray.  

Like voice of the lark that doth soar,  
    Through the golden haze of the dawn;  
You hear it and bend to adore,  
    Just hear it and then it is gone.  

The lark on his swift, flashing wings,  
   Keeps pace with the flowers in their flight;  
And that’s why when soaring he sings,  
   And passes so swiftly from sight.  

I slept, and a vision did see,  
   Of eyes that were tender and blue;  
I awoke to know that for me 
    The vision may never come true.  

The lark soars no more in the skies,  
    He’s gone with the roses and dew;  
The face with the soft tender eyes,  
    Comes never to gladden my view.  

My memory holds images fair,  
   Of all these beautiful things;  
Which I will be seeking somewhere,  
   When my soul, as lark, findeth wings.

~Libbie C. Baer

these practices that serve and help us know….

inquiry for today~ keep presence alive in the working spaces….

and this

As we navigate this time of The Great Pause that brings so much up for us, I’m also noticing how love is rising, how wisdom is guiding us, and how resilient, kind, loving many people are being.  Yes, there is much pain and anguish and there is also much hope, curiosity, and possibility now.

It is as if the great heart of the world is cracking open now and with it our own hearts, and directing us to a whole new way of living and being in the world that honors our interrelatedness and brings the sacred back to the center of life. 

We are living in a time of profound transformation, a time of breakdown and potentially of breakthrough, when a new consciousness is trying to break into the world.  I think of it as a spiritual consciousness, one that carries the Feminine and joins it with the Masculine and out of that union, a consciousness is forming that is more just and compassionate, that honors the gifts and capacities of all of us, and recognizes our shared humanity.  One that is transformed from power over to power with, from domination to collaboration and partnership for a more egalitarian world. Together, we are investing in cultivating a more conscious world.

~Carolyn Rivers

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