metaphors so lithe

shards- Something was broken here—a bowl, a habit, a marriage.

Late afternoons, the tide reveals how far the scatter’s flown—

ceramic, a cigarette, a fragment of a shopping list. 

The waves pummel or baptize the rocks, depending on your mood,

the seaweed a halo or a slippery slope.

You are supposed to live your life as if it were a miracle,

and you have touched that place,

after loss has wound its way toward an innocence

softened by despair. You have emerged, shiny and wide-eyed.

Not new, of course—

altered. But it is impossible to sustain.

You return to your own ordinariness, pacing 

the world metronomically. So maybe

that’s why you keep going back, searching among 

the ruins. Not because you believe a jewel will wash up—

perfect, intact—but because 

the shards remind you nothing will ever disappear.

No one will ever really leave you.

~Maya Stein

this perfect moment went by unnoticed….

inquiry for today~ how will you practice with heart today?

clever musings

The mind I love

must have wild places,

a tangled orchard where

dark damsons drop in the heavy grass-

an overgrown little wood-

a pool that nobody’s

fathomed the depth of

and paths threaded with flowers

planted by the mind.

~Katherine Mansfield

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