change your view from here

Puja K. McClymont is a Lindon-based neuro- linguistic programming mindset, life and business coach, who helps people find confidence and gain more control of their lives. “Nearly anything to do with change is connected with fear and the actual fear of making changes,” she says. “We are creatures of habit, yet we tend to want so much more from our lives without making the changes necessary to achieve them.” These negative, fear-fueled beliefs tend to run over and over in a loop and can keep people where they are, hostages to their own limiting thoughts and ideas.

Puja suggests, “Start by writing a huge list full of all the things you want in your life. Nothing negative, no ifs or buts, just what you want. Then go through the list and actually be aware of the feelings and sensations you get in your body when you read a particular item. If you tense up, you’re fearing that it’ll never happen. If you feel smiley, it’s likely that’s exactly what you need to be doing with your life. Review that list again and separate the items that made you feel tense. Those are the items that most require a shift in your mindset. By planning backwards, so from the point where you’re achieving that particular goal, you will soon see what you need to do in order to get there. Suddenly, the fear dissipates and the goal starts to become more realistic. Of course, you then need to carve out time to follow the plan.”

Changing your mindset so that you give up negative thoughts and habits in favor of a fresh outlook requires constant attention on a daily basis. But the effort is worthwhile. From here, you’ll feel lighter and more capable of moving towards a more contented life.

~Carol Anne Strange

in these times of overwhelm, we forget how much we can actually effect by being authentic…..

inquiry for today~ it’s ok to not know how- it’s not so ok to think that is forever…..

a little common sense

A thirsty crow finds a pitcher half full of water, but try as she might, she cant reach in far enough to drink. The neck of the pitcher is too narrow, her beak is too short, and she’s at a loss for what to do. Then an idea comes to her. She drops a pebble into the pitcher and sees the water rise. She ads another, and it rises further. Finally, it reaches a level she can reach.

Moral- Approach problems in a mindful and logical way. Think about the situation from different angles.

~Xenia Taliotis

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