inward & opening

To lean into life requires a quiet courage that lets us find our aliveness. And the reward for leaning into life is that everything hidden becomes sweet and colorful. Or more, we’re finally present enough to receive the sweetness and color that is always there. Consider how a flower opens. It doesn’t prepare for a particular moment but stays true to a life of opening and leaning toward the light. When a flower blossoms, it turns inside out and wears its beauty in the world. In just this way, a soul opens over a lifetime of leaning into life.

~Mark Nepo

there was this time long ago and we wondered how we knew what we knew…

inquiry for today~ in a world of not knowing, how does this move through?

how do you be you?

When we can step into an engaged, embodied spirituality as an adventure, seeing our lessons and missteps without judging them in a negative light, we have the opportunity to become more connective. This is the integrity of seeing yourself and letting yourself see yourself. It can be quiet humbling, and if we don’t let our minds turn the humbling into humiliation, then we become more like each other on not just an essential level, but a relative level, too. Relatively, we’re all flawed human beings, and when we can see and forgive that in ourselves, it’s amazing how much simpler it becomes to see and forgive the rest to the world for exhibiting the same flaws- much simpler it becomes to see and forgive the rest of the world for exhibiting the same flaws.


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