looking ahead

The garden grew this way and that as a circle of flowers gathered to discuss the meaning of life. The tulip leaned toward the peony and asked, “Is there a purpose to any of this?” The peony, drooping toward the ground, replied, “Oh, can’t you see? Our purpose is to open when filled with light.” The rose shook its pistil, pondering, “If this is a gift, then who is the giver?” The shrubs and trees fell silent till the iris gently swayed, offering under the wind,“The giver is that great force that causes us to break ground.” A young boy was listening and thought they were talking about the fate of young boys. He told his grandfather who knew the boy had heard the secret of all desire.

~Mark Nepo

and this I know….

inquiry for today~ this felt sense of these dark days allows for other knowings……

pour it out of your heart

The longer I sit the more things offer themselves to me as spark and catalyst.

Mother swan, starling, and sparrow come to nurture the world, as does Jesus in all the ways he offered food to others, sat at table, broke bread.

What am I hungering for in this time of global pandemic? What is the nourishment I seek? I need to rest a while longer in the ache of that question, holding awareness of both absence and fullness.

I know it has something to do with showing up each day with my own bit of bread to offer others. No more, no less, holding open my hands.

~Christine Valters Paintner

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