under stone

The face in the stone is a mirror looking into you. 

You have gazed into the moving waters

you have seen the slow light, in the sky 

above Lough Inagh; beneath you, streams have flowed, 

and rivers of earth have moved beneath your feet,

but you have never looked into the immovability

of stone like this, the way it holds you, gives you 

not a way forward but a doorway in, staunches 

your need to leave, becomes faithful by going nowhere,

something that wants you to stay here and look back, 

be weathered by what comes to you, like the way you too

have travelled from so far away to be here, once reluctant

and now as solid and as here and as willing 

to be touched as everything you have found.

~David Whyte

when we can’t defend each other, we lose moments….

inquiry for today~ how is it in your world today?

how is it?


Let me

hold the door for you.

I may have never walked

in your shoes,

but I can see your soles

are worn,

your strength is torn

under the weight of a story

I have never lived before.

Let me hold the door for you.

After all you’ve walked through,

It’s the best I can do.


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