Of course, life is full of all kinds of textures—joy, anticipation, disappointment, love, fun, loneliness—suffering actually comes when we resist this fluid situation. Suffering comes from wanting to hold on and grasp our lives’ circumstances and make them predictable and certain. Our prejudices and addictions are patterns that arise from the fear of a fluid world.

During this uncomfortable time, we can learn to include suffering as part of our experience, rather than push it away. One powerful way to do this is to simply stop (the hard part) and just feel in your body where you’re tight, where you’re  grasping. The stomach might be tight, our jaw is clenched, we have a tightness in the chest. Just be with that and breathe. Extend kindness to yourself and remember that feeling discomfort is a fact of life, in fact, it means you’re alive!

~H. Strongheart

settle in to smartness…..not another slippery slope….

inquiry for today~ indeed. when we begin to spin outward, how do we lean in?

truth is not always real

When you recognize that we are the product of purposeless, mindless laws of physics playing themselves out on our particles — because we are, all, bags of particles — it changes the way you search for meaning and purpose: You recognize that looking out to the cosmos to find some answer that’s sort of floating out there in the void is just facing the wrong direction. At the end of the day, we have to manufacture our own meaning, our own purpose — we have to manufacture coherence… to make sense of existence. And when you manufacture purpose, that doesn’t make it artificial — that makes it so much more noble than accepting purpose that is thrust upon you from the outer world.

~Brian Greene

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