what is wise?

Pay attention to the people around you. Everybody has a story. I see people who’ve known someone for years, but they’ve never listened to their friend’s story. People need to share their stories, to get them out. Learn how to be an open person so others feel they can tell you their stories. Be receptive.

~Andrea Miller- Eve Ensler

Not allowing ourselves support keeps us isolated and distant. It insulates us from intimacy. Some deep part fo us longs for connection, yet when we’re presented with an opportunity to connect, we’re often not available to it.

Requesting assistance might seem like a small thing, and in some ways, it is. But such a moment allows for simple human interaction that melts the barriers that often separate us. And remember, people usually feel good when offering assistance.

We like to live with the illusion that we have control over things- or that we should. But if all we have is control, we set ourselves up for a lonely, disconnected existence. Life flows better when we learn the art of love and caring in the simplest forms.

~John Amodeo

do not be fooled by unwise ways….

inquiry for today~ what is the way to not find fault, but to repair?

worse than despair

It’s when we discern courageously, and at the same time realize we don’t know what will happen, that wise hope comes alive. The place where improbability and possibility meet is where the imperative to act rises up. Wise hope is not seeing things unrealistically but rather seeing things as they are, including both the truth of impermanence and the truth of suffering- both its existence and the possibility of its transformation, for better or worse.

Wise hope reflects the understanding that what we do matters, even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things we can really know beforehand. But our vows, our actions, how we live, what we care about, what we care for, and how we care- these really do matter all the same.

~Roshi Joan Halifax

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