care of you & me

Whether it comes from suffering, or whether it comes from joy, we all experience as human beings this moment of illumination at some point in our lives: a moment when we suddenly understand our own message, a moment when knowledge, by shedding light on passion, detects at once the rules and relentlessness of destiny — a truly synthetic moment when decisive failure, by rendering us conscious of the irrational, becomes the success of thought.

That is the locus of the differential of knowledge, the Newtonian burst that allows us to appreciate how insight springs forth from ignorance — the sudden inflection of human genius upon the curvature of life’s progress. Intellectual courage consists in actively and vitally preserving this instant of nascent knowledge, of making it the unceasing fountain of our intuition, and of designing, with the subjective history of our errors and faults, the model of a better, more illuminated life.

~Gaston Bachelord

I’m gonna just wait and see….

inquiry for today~ sifting through your memories of recent days…..and so?

you see?

I am sometimes totally lost from the world.

~Anne Sexton

2 thoughts on “care of you & me

    • Oh so true. The mind and heart perfectly balanced although we hardly notice sometimes. I love the daydreamer’s world. Thanks g.f.s….

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