slow & notice

How to live your life to the fullest-


Make it happen

Acknowledge your fear

Remember what life’s about

Appreciate the small things

Say yes

Pay it forward

Don’t compare

Put plans in place

Be intentional

~Caroline Pattenden

wish I could cleanse these auras and begin anew….

inquiry for today~ create ritual and boundless peace just by being…..

coming into being

Little soul,

you have wandered

lost a long time.

The woods all dark now,

birded and eyed.

Then a light, a cabin, a fire,

a door standing open.

The fairy tales warn you:

Do not go in,

you who would eat will be eaten.

You go in. You quicken.

You want to have feet.

You want to have eyes.

You want to have fears.

~Jane Hirshfield

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