perfection of what is

Through learning to tolerate painful or vulnerable feelings, you develop a new muscle. With your growing capacity to handle your pain, the wound that once seemed so huge, so monstrous, so overwhelming, becomes tolerable.

By meeting yourself in the place where you feel unmet, something new and powerful happens. Something so simple yet so radical: You start to inhabit yourself. You reinhabit your lonely heart and bring it back to life.

~John Welwood

how do we learn to identify what we feel?

inquiry for today~ and so it goes…..”it” as essence…..

feel the presence

Grief is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Some say time heals, but that’s a half-truth. Time alone doesn’t heal. Time and attention heal.

Grief can lead us to a profound understanding that reaches beyond our individual loss. It opens us to the most essential truth of our lives: the truth of impermanence, the causes of suffering, and the illusion of separateness. 

When we meet these experiences with mercy and awareness
we begin to appreciate that we are more than the grief. We are what the grief is moving through. In the end, we may still fear death, but we don’t fear living nearly as much.

~Frank Ostaseski

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