lean into kindness

We have to remind each other of what we have forgotten.

Remember that we don’t need be someone special

to be a healing presence. Each of us has the capacity

to embrace another person’s suffering.

We can have confidence in our kindness.

~Frank Ostaseski

silence. remember. love.

inquiry for today~ discover for yourself how to redeem kindness into love

do not regret your love

We do metta, we learn metta, we teach metta, we live through metta. But the piece that elevates metta to the terrain of connection with each other, the universe, nature, so that we are not separate from any of it, is compassion. If one connects into the compassionate heart, it’s going to, at times, bring one to a place where you have to be present with personal suffering and the suffering in the world. And that can be a place that oftentimes is so difficult that we find all these ways to turn away from it. The only way we can actually meet each other and meet the world and what’s happening is by strengthening the heart.

~DaRa Williams

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