what we forget along the way

When your world grows dark

and your soul feels heavy,

Rise up to meet the sky.

Spend the night with infinity.

Let the universe wrap its arms

around you.

Draw courage from the stars.

Rest your weary head on hope

and know you are loved,

for love is everywhere.

~Christy Ann Martine

how will I remember not to forget to commit?

inquiry for today~ ok. so you forgot. yep. we are here.

for forgetting

Here’s what I discovered about joy with you, pre-pandemic.  

Our capacity to feel joy is contingent upon our willingness to feel grief, loss, transition, & pain. 

The practice of being present with whatever is happening truly is the doorway to joy. 

We get it all, all the feelings. 

Deny the hard stuff?  Joy slips further away.

Commit to being present?  Joy offers herself to us.

~Aruni Furtuonsky

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