this sky

When you let go of how you think things should be, you can respond to challenging situations with openness and flexibility, imagining options and alternatives that can’t arise in a contracted mind. We may have a tendency to see ourselves as the center of the world, but life manages to remind us that it’s otherwise.

Once we let go of the limiting stories we’ve created about ourselves, a whole new world of possibilities opens to us. The old stories may still come up from time to time- those constellations of thoughts and beliefs carry the momentum of years of practice. But with mindful attention, over time the healthier perspectives can get integrated and lead us in a new direction.

~James Baraz

when I can’t run from the mystery any longer….

inquiry for today~ what has a hold on you?


Instead of seeing time as a straight line, if we see life as a series of cycles of growth, maturation, and death followed by rebirth, we can better understand why endings are necessary for new beginnings.

~Jeremy Hunter

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