you believe

I was drowning in a dream when the storm cleared and I was lifted to the surface. I woke to find your hand on my heart. You’ve always had the power to calm what you touch. Like the baby bluebird you held last summer. I sighed to still be here, like a dream allowed to find one more dreamer. With your hand on my chest, I was immune to fear. I wish I could do this for you. You say we have different gifts. I only know that when it’s time, I want your hand on my heart so I can make it to the other side.

~Mark Nepo

sitting here and listening to the stillness…

inquiry for today~ it’s a quiet day deep down…..

humble offerings

We need more feet on the ground than angel wings in the air. We need more open hearts than celestial visions. We need truthful human beings who can hold their own against the lies. We need walking wounded human beings who can connect and move from empathy. We need human beings in their naked authenticity to show up and speak truth to power.

While I’m sure there are human beings on this earth who are called to meditate in the forest to attain enlightenment, I promise, if you’re reading this, you’re not one of them. You’re called to be a changemaker. Trust yourself, my friend, open your heart, and lead on.

~Keri Mangis

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