this too, is how we reimagine

We human beings still have so much to learn about ourselves, our bodies, and this earth. We are just waking up, and we have millions of years to go! When your heart is breaking, it helps to step back from preoccupation with the hourly news cycle and reflect on the cycles of stars and species being born and dying in the vast sweep of the universe. It helps to get grounded in the elements by cooking, cleaning up, going for a walk, taking a bath, and in meditation resting the arms of the cosmos. Open your senses and receive this unique moment in all eternity.

May we all protect our “only child,” our life in this moment.

May we be inspired to come running when life calls.

May our hearts be filled with loving-kindness.

~Trudy Goodman

the only thing that doesn’t lie is our bodies… can we show up within them?

inquiry for today~ this simple truth is relevant to our day-to-day relief…..

when time isn’t real

When we sit there, with no project, letting go of yesterday and tomorrow for a while, who we are without all our plans and routines is laid bare. What we may discover, as we cross the threshold beyond anxiety, is how much resilience, clarity, strength, and peace we have in our mind. We see that we’re not defined by what we consume or what we’ve made of ourselves. We find out what really matters.

May this turning point in history turn us toward the great strength each of us has within, and may we celebrate that strength together as we rewrite what we imagine is possible.

~Barry Boyce

2 thoughts on “this too, is how we reimagine

    • And what strips us of our imagination other than not imagining? I can only keep close to the mystics and the poets and wise elders. I wonder what it could mean to be moving “back to the basics.” Thanks g.f.s….

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