drowning in dreams

Be taught now, among the trees and rocks,

how the discarded is woven into shelter

learn the way things hidden and unspoken

slowly proclaim their voice in the world.

Find that inward symmetry

to all outward appearances, apprentice

yourself to yourself, begin to welcome back

all you sent away, be a new annunciation,

make yourself a door through which

to be hospitable, even to the stranger in you.

~David Whyte

I can’t breathe well in the outlying spaces…..

inquiry for today~ do you really want to feel everything?

true poetry

It is in the inferior parts of our life that we will find redemption. This is, however, hard for us to accept in a culture driven by the demand for perfection. Still, it is in the outcasts, these parts of us that we have sent to the edges of awareness, that we will recover our true humanity. It is within our “secret inside flesh” that we will touch our weakness, inadequacy, failure, dependency, and the host of experiences that undermine our culture’s heroic ideal. This is where we find our healing. The “least of our brothers and sisters” are the ones that require us to reveal our wounds. In so doing, we are freed from the obsession with measuring up and getting it right. And it is through grieving for these despised pieces of life that we restore our humanity. It is hear that we begin to recover the unlived life.

~Francis Weller

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