what they say

I am this one

Walking beside me whom I do not see, Whom at times I manage to visit,

And whom at other times I forget;

The one who remains silent when I talk,

The one who forgives, sweet, when I hate,

The one who takes a walk where I am not,

The one who will remain standing when I die.

~Juan Ramon Jimenez

how to weep with fervor….

inquiry for today~ it doesn’t take that much to see with new eyes…..

tidying up

There’s so much upheaval, unsteadiness and tumult right now.
We all feel it, each in our own way.

This is where I’m immensely grateful for my practice.
It’s one thing to recognize I’m stressed.It’s another to find a way to be with it.

A poet once wrote that sometimes”It’s helpful to take the 3,000 year view.”
That does open more space.But it’s not just space we need.

I think it’s only when we can sense the vastness of space and infuse it with some kind of loving presence that we can step forward – informed by both wisdom and compassion.

May you find that inner space of renewal and move forward in your journey informed by your wise heart.

~Jonathan Foust

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