when the sky looks down

The old grieving autumn

goes on calling to its summer-

the valley is calling to other valleys-

beyond the ridge each star is roaring alone

into the darkness-

there is not a sound in the whole night.

~M.S. Merwin

not holding too tightly…

inquiry for today~ ok. so you don’t know how to swim, but you are here….

in too deep

Despair, like the absurd, has opinions and desires about everything in general and nothing in particular. Silence expresses this attitude very well. But from the moment that the rebel finds his voice — even though he says nothing but “no” — he begins to desire and to judge.

Not every value entails rebellion, but every act of rebellion tacitly invokes a value… Awareness, no matter how confused it may be, develops from every act of rebellion: the sudden, dazzling perception that there is something in man with which he can identify himself, even if only for a moment.

~Albert Camus

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