the mystery of change

Depression is frozen feeling. It’s not a disease of the ‘mind.’ It’s a disease of the heart. It is sourced in unexpressed, unreleased, and unhealed pain that is held deep within the physical and emotional body. You can talk about it in therapy to soften its edges, you can medicate it in the hope that it becomes more manageable, but the real work has to happen somatically, deep within the body itself. The frozen material has to be thawed out, worked through, released. Our shadow is not our enemy. Repression is.

Unfortunately, we still live in a world that is afraid of the source material. So we shun it, bury it, ‘manage’ it with dissociative spiritualities, medications and feelings-avoidant psychoanalysis. All of this merely perpetuates and concretizes the problem. The only way to heal depression is to get to its roots.

~Jeff Brown

when I forget why I am here…

inquiry for today~ when you misalign, remember your humanness….

a little step behind

The wind breathes lonely,

longing to be seen.


the soul

has days like these.

~Angie Weiland-Crosby

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