forego the story

Tired of hunting for love in this world,

at last I surrendered

in the valley of love

and became free.


when you forget how to be, may you lean into the uncertainties….

inquiry for today~ it’s somehow, someway, something…..

sweet and simple once again

To “under-stand”, we must “stand under”, rooted in soul and Earth from a place of surrender, awe, receptivity and empathy. For we understand only when what we know retains its mystery, when Psyche and Eros, soul and love, remain secretly entwined.”Under standing’ comes from an open-hearted wonderment, humility and reverence for the profound mystery of life and the transcendent Ground of Being in which it is rooted, nurtured and thrives.

We must, in other words, stoop low to touch the divine that inhabits the drop of water and grain of dirt – as much as it ignites the burning heart of stars, and the depths of our own being.

And when we have, as well, stooped low enough to drink from our clay bowl dipped into the stream of life, and surrendered to the oceanic depths of our being – such that all that does not belong to our authentic selves has dissolved away – we may then become a source of the alchemical aqua vitae, or Water of Life, for our wounded World.

~Maureen B. Roberts

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