who you really are

People have difficulty awakening to their inner world especially when their lives have become overly familiar… The first step in awakening to your inner life and to the depth and promise of your solitude would be to consider yourself for a little while as a stranger to your own deepest depths. To decide to view yourself as a complete stranger, someone who has just stepped ashore in your life, is a liberating exercise.

This meditation helps to break the numbing stranglehold of complacency and familiarity. Gradually, you begin to sense the mystery and magic of yourself. You realize that you are not the helpless owner of a deadened life but rather a temporary guest gifted with blessings and possibilities you could neither invent nor earn.

~John O’Donohue

we measure our days….oh how small….

inquiry for today~ and there is only this for now…..so it is….

how doubt comes with being

Everything becomes spiritual

Once this door of the chamber

of the heart is open.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

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