simple care

Light is divided into light of itself

and in itself and light of itself ….

but in another.

You know that accidental light

is light in another.

Thus, it is not a light in itself

although it is a light of itself.

~al- Suhrawardi

kiss the dreams that give you flight…..

inquiry for today~ for the kind of hope the future defies……

capable dreams deep down

I now know what an initiation looks like, the terror of seeing that who I was is gone, and go down, and down and down, layer after layer of skin, deeper and deeper, face the terror, the resistance, the panic in my cells, and keep going down.

The only compass in the darkness is to know that others have walked this path to the bones and have been only a skeleton, and they sang, and they saw flesh grow again, and they were reborn. The only compass is a tiny little light in the depths that tells me that this is true, that this is Truth in the middle of the sacrifice of who I was, in the middle of letting go layer after layer of skin.

Now I know what an initiation looks like, feeling like in a never ending birth canal, with a perspective of an uncertain birth in an uncertain future for which I can only pray.

This is the initiation. To hold, to open my heart, and to hold tenderly the terror, the resistance, the fear; and love them as best I can, in the middle of darkness.

~M. Giordano

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