right here in the light of day

The most important decision we make

is whether we believe

we live in a friendly

or hostile universe.

~Albert Einstein

how mesmerized by a life well-lived, well-loved, well-trusted….

inquiry for today~ and for a moment, may you too, believe…..

the underbelly of sweet light

The need comes on me now

to speak across the years

to those who finally will live here

after the present ruin, in the absence

of most of my kind who by now

are dead, or have given their minds

to machines and become strange,

“over-qualified” for the hard

handwork that must be done

to remake, so far as humans

can remake, all that humans

have unmade. To you, whoever

you may be, I say: Come,

meaning to stay. Come,

willing to learn what this place,

like no other, will ask of you

and your children, if you mean

to stay. “This land responds

to good treatment,” I heard

my father say time and again

in his passion to renew, to make

whole, what ill use had broken.

And so to you, whose lives

taken from the life of this place

I cannot foretell, I say:

Come, and treat it well.

~Wendell Berry

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