we know it’s here

Yet you still value the things you’ve lost the most.

Because the things you’ve lost are still perfect in your head.

They never rusted. They never broke.

They are made of the memories you once had,

which only grow rosier and brighter, day by day.

They are made of the dreams of how wonderful things

could have been and must never suffer

the indignity of actually still existing.

Of being real. Of having flaws.

Of breaking and deteriorating.

Only the things you no longer have will always be perfect.

~Iain Thomas

an inconceivable trust has descended….

inquiry for today~ keeping going, yes?

a deep moon

My grandmother once gave me a tip:

In difficult times, you move forward in small steps.

Do what you have to do, but little by little.

Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow.

Wash the dishes. Remove the dust. Write a letter.

Make a soup. You see? You are advancing step by step.

Take a step and stop. Rest a little. Praise yourself.

Take another step. Then another.

You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more.

And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

~Elena Mikhalkova

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