those bright skies of hope

For each of us, calling forth our better angels invokes a basic human nature we all are born with that we can return to again and again—a sort of endless reservoir of capacity, no matter how many times we fall down along the way or inadvertently hurt each other. This is the native realm that our loved ones point to in us when they say, “I see what you have done, but I still see who you are.”
We are always more than what is done to us and more than what we do to others. Though we are always responsible for the mark of our presence wherever we go. While we struggle to make our way through the enormous frailties that come with being human, I firmly believe in our better angels, as a touchstone of soul that releases the mysterious force we call love and its imminent flowering in the world as kindness and care.
We need to return to our basic, caring nature now more than ever. This effort begins by reaching inwardly for what is foundational in each of us and then reaching out to one another. Rather than aspire to some abstract ideal, we are being called to seek out our better angel as we would a sage we have waited years to talk to. So wait in your silence for your better angel to appear. Then, listen to it and befriend it. Drink from whatever stream it leads you to.

~Mark Nepo

I found my own way….

inquiry for today~ this extra special and winsome day……

vintage care

I twine my hands into grass stems and the green bodies of medicine weeds.

Letting my fingers touch the warm fertile soil.

Breathing in the rich scent of wild life.In these moments,

I call my power back into my body. Remembering all the places I left it,

where I let it go and hid it. So I could become small, shameful, distortedly safe and apologetic.

I whisper life back into the gaps in my bones, where I allowed them to be hollowed out;

and it comes, like a ghostly wolf, inhabiting me once again,

so I can become more flesh, more real, more alive.

It is in these moments that I call myself back home.

To me, to nature.

~Brigit Anna McNeill

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