silence needed

The gaze of compassion,

looking out at life

from the place of divine intimacy

is really all I have,

and all I have to give,

even though I don’t

always do it.

~Richard Rohr

when we whisper the name of who brings life to this life…

inquiry for today~ forgive the old memories to make room for the new….

reimagining bliss

Yesterday when I was reading in the cemetery, I thought how the silence you find in yourself, when you enter in and rest in God, is always the same and always new, even though it is unchanging. For that silence is true life and your soul stays in the same place resting in its life Who is God, now in winter just as it did in summer, without any apparent difference, as if nothing had changed at all, and the passage of seasons had only been an illusion.

~Thomas Merton

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