how you find what you left behind

It can be hard to settle down during divisive times in personal or communal life. Nerves are frayed. Like you, I need spiritual nourishment. The beauty and intelligence of Mother Nature is a safe and reliable refuge. Like loving awareness, she is always here waiting for us to wake up to her abundant aliveness. Go for a quiet walk in the soft hills, take in a gorgeous winter sunset at the beach, look at a tree outside your window, water a plant – soak up the calm and steady presence of your home on this earth.

~Trudy Goodman

whatever brings you solace and clarity, thread this through your practices….

inquiry for today~ what is the way for you right now?

when we feel misaligned

Winter sunlight

is a warm old soul,

spreading love in the bitter cold.

~Angie Weiland-Crosby

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