I found myself again

One of the most important developments in human evolution is the ability to think. However, an even more important development is the ability to grow beyond thinking. To do this, we need to discover the intelligence that’s inherent in awareness itself. It is important to note that growing beyond thinking is not a regressive, dumb, or irrational state.

When we are identified with our thinking, then that believing creates our perceiving. It is through our five senses that we receive information about the world. Because cognition plays an organizing role, in Western culture we have elevated thought beyond the realm of the sense and overestimated the role of thinking.

We can begin to wake up from identification with thinking by directly experiencing another way of knowing. If thinking is actually one of the senses, then to whom or what does this sense appear? It’s impossible to know awake awareness with our conceptual mind, our senses or our attention. But once we discover awake awareness it can use thinking as needed.

The most crucial mistake we make is turning to thought to know who we are.

~Loch Kelly

I’m knee deep in keeping up with myself….

inquiry for today~ what transformation means to me is…….

the power of uplift

Stories about the possibilities of human transformation or the potential of species-wide change or evolution are not stories we encounter in the daily media. Even the tiniest seed of an idea that human beings might not be finished with our own evolution is sorely missing from public discourse, and not only because of evolution-deniers. It’s tacitly assumed that human beings have already achieved the pinnacle of our evolutionary and developmental possibilities, even as we continue to discover the world changing “around” us. 
But when so many people feel disoriented, anxious, or troubled — some to the point of outrage, many to despair — perhaps we are witnessing (and experiencing) the stress that is a necessary prelude to individual or collective change. Would we feel such stress if we had no capacity to imagine alternate possibilities for our lives? The differences between where we find ourselves in the present moment and what we can imagine as our full human possibility is significant and fertile ground.

In disequilibrium, some new possibility struggles to emerge. May we infuse that gestating possibility with the deepest, richest, most soul-saturated seeds and fruits of the human imagination, allied with all of the Earth community.

~Geneen Marie Haugen

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