and the bravest of souls

are those who choose to love

over and over.

~E. Corona

from the ancient ways

inquiry for today~ and it’s a question of luminous knowing…..

raw and numb

In a distant land, word spread far and wide of a holy man with magic so powerful it could relieve the most severe suffering. But to reach his wilderness refuge and receive his healing, a seeker had to trek through dense forests and over precarious mountain passes. Those who persevered arrived at the holy man’s simple hut exhausted and dirty. After guiding them to a refreshing stream and then offering tea, he’d sit with them in silence, gazing out at the pines and sky. When he finally spoke, it was to swear them to secrecy about what was next to pass between them. Once they took the vow, the holy man asked a single question: “What are you unwilling to feel?”

~Tara Brach

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