this unpredictable truth

we’ll survive,

you and I.

~F. Scott Fitzgerald

letting it be…

inquiry for today~ rediscover the wild elements…..

the vulnerability we hide

What is wild in us are the ways in which we meet something freshly and not by habit.

Wild is to be full-body alive in response to the conversation life is having with us;

the caress of the wind which cools your skin after the sun has penetrated it with warmth.

The shadow cast by a soaring bird above. The unmediated glance, surprised by beauty.

When this conversation goes quiet from inattention, as it does for us all,

know that it takes little to encourage it again.

It is simply to remember that life isn’t only happening to us, but we are happening to life!

Intent is the opening of a brave conversation with the holy in nature. It says, This is what I stand for.

This is what I am summoning. This is where I am grateful.

When you create simple ritual with that intent, it is a way of making visible what has been unseen.

This communicates to the holy within and beyond,

that you are showing up for the moving encounter with life.

~Toko-pa Turner

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