this sky

I want to calm down,

to rest,

to outlive this nonsense.

~Anne Sexton

deep rememberings follow me here today….

inquiry for today~ when life seems to disappear, then what?

how to winterize your heart

When we drop our knowing from head to nonconceptual heart, we may describe a new feeling of sweet sadness or tender-hearted intimacy. With the support of open-hearted awareness, we can feel the grief of this transition and remain open-hearted.

There is also a deeper feeling of essential wellbeing, awe, wonder, unity, freedom, courage, and unconditional love that is an essential emotion, not based in thought. When we live from open-hearted awareness, there’s an internal structure of essential qualities that are deeper and more primary feelings. These essential qualities are the foundation of a new emotional life that leads to more engagement and intimacy.

~ Loch Kelly

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