walk through

To know this precious world as beloved and holy is a privilege, but it’s a privilege available to all of us. Imaginative practices of wild reciprocity are ways of destabilizing our psychic filters and habits, and opening some cracks (or chasms) in our accustomed perceptions so that the more-than-human world might find us. Tending a particular place as if it is sacred — even a patch of trash-battered dirt in a city — is a path toward deeper intimacy with the holy Earth. Practices of elaborate praise or wanders into wonder — perhaps carrying a bundle of “magic emblems” like pebbles, a feather, or a newly-shed antler — often evoke non-ordinary awareness. When our awareness opens or softens, the voice of Earth may be more likely to find us — or we might catch an image or current from the depths of soul.

~Geneen Marie Haugen

it’s ok to lay down and be very still….

inquiry for today~ what will be?

we can no longer deny

Grief has the potential to allow us to see how cramped we have been. In acknowledging the pain, we can open past our longheld resistance to the unpleasant, to life itself. We can dissolve old partiality in a great wholeness, able to let old pains be, to let them go, without clinging or suppression. It clears the way for life to reenter- a willingness, a non-condemning that allows the healing t go so deep. It means meeting “just this much” with mercy and awareness, recognizing that we don’t need to change anything but rather to add mercy and awareness to this moment so that what is can be as it is.

~Stephen Levine

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