wild wood of the mind

The whole world is a series of miracles,

but we’re so used to them,

we call them ordinary things.

~Christian Andersen

from the undertones of love and the misty-eyed rebirth of the everyday sacred…..

inquiry for today~ who are you then?

to sense and feel

We are, …. what are we? We know not, what we are!

For a moment we are blessed

For a moment we are accursed

Some moment we pray and fast

Some moment we are free spirits,

Now we declare,’Only we exist’

Now we declare, ‘We don’t exist’

For a bit, our heart is calm

In a bit, we weep rivers

Now we say, ‘We are self-realized’

Sachal’ we are only That eternally

What other contracts can we make here?

~Sachal Sarmast

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