finally- a little color

Do not lose your light.Even when things feel uncertain

and the dawn forgets to come do not lose your fire

hold close your inner sun. Do not lose your fire, and do not lose your light

for it’s in the inner tending the eternal soul burns bright. Do not lose your light.

(Nor hand its sacred tending, to the changing figures of the night.)

Do not lose your light. And, as things grow darker (or longer, or the days colder)

know it’s in the sharing that more brilliant lamps, ignite. Do not lose your light.

For e’en in great storm or drought or darkness, the lamp of soul is bright.

Hold close to your light.For no outer force can steal it, the light of soul,

it always embers through the Darkest of all Nights.

Do not lose the light. (You cannot lose the Light.)

~ Rachel Alana

missing so many things and yet the light is perfect today….

inquiry for today~ may you create your own harmony out of promise today….

a simple ode to living

The blessing of the morning light to you, may it find you even in your invisible appearances,

may you be seen to have risen from some other place you know

and have known in the darkness and that that carries all you need.

May you see what is hidden in you as a place of hospitality and shadowed shelter,

may what is hidden in you become your gift to give, may you hold that shadow to the light

and the silence of that shelter to the word of the light, may you join every previous disappearance

with this new appearance, this new morning,

this being seen again, new and newly alive.

~John O’Donohue

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