color my soul

We are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe. Fundamentally, this spirituality means we are all interconnected through the Collective Mind, and that the emotional power behind our hopes and dreams has a basis in reality that guides the unfolding of events of our lives. The very fuel of that spirituality is love, and the more we can express unconditional love for self and others, the more healing or becoming whole we will see. The best way to discover this is through cultivating a means of going within, often described as a practice of meditation or prayer. Any physical, mental, or emotional health must be firmly rooted in spiritual health, and prayer is a most natural means of invoking such overall wellness. We just need to be open to the possibility.

~Eben Alexander

how I found you…..

inquiry for today~ this day may find you in realms unknown…


As long as space endures,

As long as there are beings to be found,

May I continue likewise to remain

To drive away the sorrows of the world.


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