no need to stop now

Pay attention

to the world around you,

to the leaves and the flowers,

the the birds and the rain.

If you can look deeply,

you will recognize

your beloved


again and again

in many forms.

You will release

your fear and pain

and again embrace

the joy of life.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

finding a spirit of wonder….

inquiry for today~ the purpose behind the muse…..

when the mystics tell all

That is the point of the night sea journey—

to be born into yourself.

There, you are in the amniotic fluid, in an alchemical substance once again.

You are journeying toward your own life. You are preparing for your fate.

The promise is exhilarating, but the dangers are extreme.

You have to avoid being just one of the crowd

and instead take the chance of being born an individual.

~Thomas Moore

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