I found the pink

I dream

of lost vocabularies

that might express

some of what

we no longer can.

~Jack Gilbert

I sense the keen failures as signs….

inquiry for today~ and a sign of what?

for all the tender shoulds

Mindfulness doesn’t directly treat our difficulties, but instead reveals and brings a penetrating yet kindly awareness to their underlying driving forces. It deals with the subliminal themes of all our lives. And when these are held up to the light of awareness, something remarkable happens: the negative themes gradually start dissolving of their own accord.

Our endless striving, tunnel vision and brooding, our tendency to get lost in our own thoughts, to be driven by the autopilot, to become consumed by negativity and abandon the things that nourish our souls- these all represent the doing mind working as hard as it can. When we let go of seeing this as an enemy to be overcome, all of these tendencies are able to melt away in the light of openhearted awareness.

~Mark Williams

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