reprieve from intensity

With the sound of the river and the waterfall. With the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of birds.

Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon.

Heal yourself with mint, neem, and eucalyptus. Sweeten with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile.

Hug yourself with the cocoa bean and a hint of cinnamon. Put love in tea instead of sugar

and drink it looking at the stars. Heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the rain.

Stand strong with your bare feet on the ground and with everything that comes from it.

Be smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with your forehead.

Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier.Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember …

you are the medicine.

~María Sabina

there’s nothing wrong with a poetic dream….

inquiry for today~ ok, so let’s remember how to create cadence in the day..

sky magic

Let’s be clear, the Universe is in love. There is an impulse of wanting to know how everything will unfold, an impulse to figure it out, to want to fast forward, to stop the present to see what is ahead, but in that impulse we lose the one thing that gives spice to life, and that is mystery.

As long as we know the greatness of our spirit, which is the spirit of all of us, united, synchronized and moving in harmony with the universal symphony, will sustains us, we let go, we organically surrender to that energy, and in that process we become what we came here to be, pure love, acting on our behalf, moving through us and expanding with us.

~Anielis Raas

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