may you feel the openings

With a true and authentic awakening, who and what we are becomes clear.

There’s no longer a question about it; it is a done deal.

In this way, one of the hallmarks of a true awakening is the end of seeking.

You no longer feel the momentum, the push and the pull.

The seeker has been revealed as the virtual reality it always was, and as such it disappears.

The seeker has in some sense accomplished its task.


it’s ok and as it is…

inquiry for today~ so many tiny wishes…..

how we want to love

Solace is the art of asking the beautiful question, of our selves, of our world or of one another, often in fiercely difficult and un-beautiful moments. Solace is what we must look for when the mind cannot bear the pain, the loss or the suffering that eventually touches every life and every endeavour; when longing does not come to fruition in a form we can recognize, when people we know and love disappear, when hope must take a different form than the one we have shaped for it.Solace is the spacious, imaginative home we make where disappointment is welcomed and rehabilitated. When life does not in any way add up, we must turn to the part of us that has never wanted a life of simple calculation.

Solace asks us very direct and forceful questions. Firstly, how will you bear the inevitable loss that will accompany you? And how will you endure it through all the years? And above all, how will you shape a life equal to and as beautiful and as astonishing as a world that can birth you, bring you into the light and then just as you were beginning to understand it, take you away?

~David Whyte

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