love sweet love

I want you to see yourself the way I sometimes see you.

I want you to see yourself with the self-same eyes that have me shy of telling you what I see.

I want you to come across your self and see yourself, the way I did that first morning,

as a beautiful incredibly kind and inviting stranger. I want you to knock gently on your own door

and stand there astonished as I do unable to speak to the one who has come out to meet you.

Like Rilke’s visiting angel of the Annunciation who forgot his message to Mary,

and could only fall back to singing her praises, stuttering and overwhelmed as he was,

by the untroubled beauty of her soul.

~David Whyte

how are you supposed to love?

inquiry for today~ this too, allows new hope…..

where to find you


the moon

is still the moon

in all of its phases

~Isra Al-Thibeh

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