fallow ground

The world is indeed

full of peril and in it

there are many dark places.

But still there is much

that is fair.

And though in all lands,

love is now mingled

with grief,

it still grows,

perhaps, the greater.

~J.R.R. Tolkien

may the madness of life match the joy of living….

inquiry for today~ it’s a magical day when….

simple days

I had this feeling of being seen. Known. Named. Loved.

By a Someone bigger than the sky that expanded above me.

It was as if the whole sky were an eye,

and all space were a heart,

and I was being targeted as a focal point

for attention and love. 

~Brian McLaren

2 thoughts on “fallow ground

    • this is what we bring to those around us….a great offering to simply be present to those who show up in our lives…..truly a gift to know this g.f.s……

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