the spectrum of change

Give up the world; give up self; finally, give up God.

Find god in rhododendrons and rocks,

passers-by, your cat.

Pare your beliefs, your absolutes.

Make it simple; make it clean.

No carry-on luggage allowed.

Examine all you have

with a loving and critical eye, then

throw away some more.

Repeat. Repeat.

Keep this and only this:

   what your heart beats loudly for

   what feels heavy and full in your gut.

There will only be one or two

things you will keep,

and they will fit lightly

in your pocket.

~Sheri Hostetler

there is this moment when summertime shifts….

inquiry for today~ notice inner shift and look up….

an inside opening

If you came to me with a face I have not seen,

with a voice I have never heard,

I would still know you.

Even if centuries separated us,

I would still feel you.

Somewhere between the sand and the stardust,

through every collapse and creation,

there is a pulse that echoes of you and I.

When we leave this world,

we give up all our possessions

and our memories.

Love is the only thing we take with us.

It is all we carry from one life to the next.

~Lang Leav

2 thoughts on “the spectrum of change

  1. Lang Leav’s quote made me weep. I long so much to connect again with my husband with the perspective I gained only after I lost him. I’ve not lost God as much as discovered God both within and everywhere in everyone and everything and every moment.

    • Oh that is so moving. You offer much hope in those insights. I feel light seeping through.
      May your grief offer you continued hope dear Eileen…..

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